Make Me Rich 7. What a lovely lady and she gave me a bright idea

Filming on a Saturday isn’t much fun after a hard day before. Luckily I developed a soft spot for Tracey who I did the Make Me Rich makeover on. To start with she is georgous (she told me to say that. She’s a lecturer and it’s one of the things she tells her students on their feedback forms!)

Having spent the night visiting my father and family in south Manchester (as it was near enough to where Tracey lived), I treked off at 8am this morning. After a mini-stunt by a cash machine in Macclesfield, it was off to do the filming and the makeover. There’s an enormous amount to cram into just one day.

To be honest I could probably do the full makeover in under an hour and a half if it were just sitting at a table, yet it’s all the ‘for TV stuff’ that takes the time, plus the things that knock you off track. This time it was an errant gas bill that meant Tracey had actually been paying for electricity in her old house by mistake. That was sorted, with a goodwill apology payment from them to boot (I got Tracey to ask and they didnt even know it was for TV).

Divorced in the last couple of years with two teenagers, she’s building a life for herself. This was a real case of jumbled finances, not knowing where anything was.

Funnily enough it gave me an idea for a new concept. The financial fact sheet. As I’m sitting on the train and have three hours to go – from the North West back to London, the slow route – I may just knock up an article about it and am mulling it over and thinking of creating an automated system to do it for the site.

Anyway – as I want to get some rest for a bit on the train, before carrying on with work, I think I shall cut the story short here and say the programme was a success, from financial mayhem to a chaos-chopped solution.

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