Make Me Rich 5: The damn sheep keeps getting in the way of the camera

What an interesting day today. Went to film a Make Me Rich at the house of a woman who has 4 horses, 11 sheep, 3 dogs and 18 cats. No this isn’t a farm, these are all animals who have been mistreated and she takes them in. Not only that but many of the animals, including the pets, freely wonder in the house. It’s strange trying to talk seriously to someone about their finances as their pet sheep nuzzles your leg.

To be honest this was the most painful Make Me Rich so far. I walked in and very quickly discovered it was a financial danger zone. Jenni (who was lovely) is a classic ‘head in the sand, if I don’t look it won’t hurt me’. Yet she’s recently downscaled from a very good job to live off her widows pension.

In my book this was my first proper failure. Yes I saved her loads of money, but the finances simply don’t balance. She still spends massively more than she earns. I knew I was on to a loser from very early in the day. Without giving the whole programme away when you have take-home income of £12,500 but spend £8,500 on your animals – never mind the mortgage, your son, locked-in contracts for phones etc. the sums will simply never add up without getting another job.

Yet as you can probably guess – suggesting ‘get rid of the animals’ was a simple no-go – they are her passion and her commitment. It’s an interest one (I won’t say what I actually suggested) but I’d love to know your thoughts.

Someone who can’t afford such animals, and can’t give them away, yet can’t afford them… what would you suggest?

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