Make Me Rich 4 – a triple whammy!

Been in Runcorn for two days and just got back to London. I was filming with a family who’ve just had triplets. Quite a story. She found out she was pregnant at 8 weeks and was told she’d immediately have to stop work.

Now there’s not much more of a bigger strain on the finances than going from a dual income with one child, to a single income with four children. It was an interesting but tough day. The readjustment to the new situation had been tough for the family. The savings were hard work, a lot was locked in and the lower salary meant their credit score was no longer what it was.

I enjoyed the programme overall though. Hard work, lovely family. I had the odd row with the producer for this specific programme (hello Anna, I know you read this), though we row as she cares passionately about making a great programme, and I care similarly about making sure we get the full money makeover in and sometimes these conflict. It’s one of those ‘row for five minutes’ then two minutes later it’s all forgotten things.

The one thing I haven’t mentioned about Make Me Rich yet on here is ‘Martin’s Money’. They created this entire system of bank notes with my face on them. It’s quite strange. I now know how the Queen feels. Counting up your own currency is a very strange experience.

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