Subliminal news my donkey’s bum

I just don’t get pop-ups on websites. Who on earth clicks them? I point blank refuse to have them here (I even got the game reconfigured as some of the options looked pop-up like).

My favourite one was when clicking on the Channel 5 news website, and a full page ad for Aol opened up. Best of all, as it was opening the page title (in the browser itself) quickly changed from ‘subliminal advertising’ to ‘aol’. Subliminal my donkey’s bum! It was a full page ad for heavens sake! That’s megabliminal not subliminal.

Yet, someone must be clicking them – otherwise people wouldn’t use them. Personally even if something intrigues me, I won’t click it on a pop-up. I go into google and find the site seperately. This way hopefully it won’t show up on their advertising figures and we’ll discourage sites from using them.

Discuss this.