Haunted by a Smart Car

Now I am a Smart car driver. I have a little black two-seater car. It’s fantastic. I live in London and parking in central London is amazing (plus it’s very fuel efficient and if you’re self employed and buy it on a company you get a big capital write-off). Anyway, for Make Me Rich they say “we’re going to get you a special car for the series” to travel round in.

So I’m thinking – OK, in London when I’m paying a Smart’s great, but outside when they’re paying it’d be nice to drive a TVR, Ferrari, Porsche, Jag…… Guess what? I saw it the other day. My new car for filming in the series (I literally just drive it to be filmed in. As soon as that’s done I get out and someone else takes it back. I’m never really even in it) is… a little black Smart car. OK, this one’s convertible, but still….