Rosie Millard’s becoming a MoneySaver

Just received an email from Rosie Millard (ex-BBC arts correspondent, and now presenter/buy to let columnist). I’m really pleased about it. As many of you will know from past blogs on 25 April and 24 May I did a makeover on Rosie a few months ago for Tonight with Trevor MacDonald.

The show itself was mainly about the social issues around debt, and there were clips of me doing the makeover. In actual fact I gave Rosie a ten point financial plan, made her budget properly and told her some home truths. I’ve just received an email from her which starts

Dear Martin
Here is how I am getting on. You will be very proud of me.
1. Have put £5K onto Texaco card, off another 0% card which was going to expire. etc. (I won’t print it all here for the sake of confidentiality).

After that there are a range of different things on the list of 10 items – a mix of following the interest rate reduction programme and stabilisation I’d set out, as well as cutting back on her spending.

Yes Rosie. I am proud of you.

It really is a huge change from where she was before.

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