Chaos Theory in Easyjet Seating

In the naive world of pub drinking this weekend the conversation turned to ‘how to get a good seat on Easyjet?’. Now of course famously the airliner doesn’t allocate seats, so it’s a rush and grab job.

The analysis done resembled chaos theory and The Prisoner’s dilemma intertwined. Yet by the virtue of blogging, I thought I would give you my own theory. Obviously the best solution is to be on first and get the long leg room seats at the front. Yet due to the ‘children and people with mobility issues’ first policy, this is tough to do (though I did once make friends with a guy who had a walking stick and got him to save me a seat in the front!).

So my theory, unless the flight is obviously crammed to the rafters, is hang back. Don’t get in the queue but wait to the end. As everyone knows, if you can’t get long leg-room the next best thing is an empty seat by your side. By hanging back you can spot the empty seats, safe in the knowledge that no-one else is going to rush in and take them.

The last two times I’ve travelled my ‘hang back till last’ strategy has produced an aisle seat, with an empty middle seat and someone in the window. On Easyjet that’s positively first class!

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