Bloody Speed Cameras – ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous

“In accordance with Section 1 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, notice is herreby given that proceedings are contemplated against the driver of”

I’ve just received this in the post. How ridiculous. I’m a careful driver, I don’t take risks, and I don’t speed. So why did I get this letter, which reads like I’m about to lose my licence, but I suspect just means points. Let me continue

“for an alleged offence of EXCESS SPEED (40 MPH LIMIT) of 53 MPH at A4 Gt West Road”

OK so at quarter to two in the morning on a large wide, empty road, in the middle of a non-residential area, protected at both sides, I went 53mph. The road is like a dual carriage way. It’s absolutely ludicrous. There was no danger to anyone. The speed limit is unrealistic and damaging.

Of course residential areas need protecting.
This isn’t. Children need protecting. This was 2am.
Other drivers need protecting. There weren’t any.
We need protecting from our own driving. This is a large dual laned area.

What nonesense. I believe in speed cameras to be honest, they do a good job. What I don’t believe in is ridiculous, misplanned speed limits. Surely a variable limit at night for cerain roads makes sense. Speeding regulations are currently punative where there is no fault – no basis in natural law.

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