Another day another bomb

Well this afternoon’s been a distraction and thankfully we’ve just heard no one was injured in any of the attacks. MoneySaving towers is based in Sheperds Bush, just a few hundred meters from the station. Now the talk has turned from fear to transport, how will everyone get home.

My strongest personal bomb memories centres on three. The Warrington bomb, when I was growing up in Cheshire’s Delamere Forest, was very close to home. Before that terrorism had always been in big cities I didn’t visit. The Tottenham Court Road bomb in 1992 (I think) was about 500 metres from my University hall of residence, I remember the noise and the shake of the building. The final one was the BBC bomb, audible from my old Shepherds Bush home.

The disparate nature of these dangers and attacks has given me a sanguine view. There’s no point in being fearful or changing, if someone is going to bomb, it could be on the tube, at work, at home, on holiday, on the bus, visiting parents – anywhere. Therefore its random, there’s no way to protect yourself and therefore the best thing to do is live your life, and not change because of these evil beasts. After all they want to hurt our lifestyle. I’m not going to let them ruin mine.