A horrid morning

I’m sitting alone in MoneySaving towers in Shepherds Bush. It’s 11.26 as I write this. I’ve just heard that the whole team are safe, previously I couldn’t get in touch with Dan and Archna. So I’m breathing a sigh of relief.

The frustration is immense for all. The phones aren’t working nor is the mobile, it won’t text. There’s a temptation to keep calling all my friends to check they’re ok. Then again I don’t want to use up the lines in case others need the phone service more. Managed to get a message through to my Uncle to tell my father I’m ok.

The police cars and sirens are streaming past and can be heard, again and again and again. It’s a frightening moment. The people from the office next door came in to watch the TV for a bit as they don’t have one, first time I’ve met them, strange how these things happen.

I must admit my eyes are rimmed with tears, in a different way to yesterdays Olympics announcement. Now sadly like all the others I wait to hear the casualty figures grow.