Paying for toilets is un-hygienic

It’s 1.54 am. I’ve just returned from a night-club. As in most these days there was an attendant to turn the tap on, give you paper towels, and allow you to spruce up. Now I’ve no particular objection to this, nor even to the £1 if you choose to avail yourself of their service.

However, what I find annoying is there is no option to just wash your hands yourself. There is no spare sink. Now admittedly tonight, I decided I was simply going to do it myself anyway. I had no cash in my pocket at the time (honest gov) so washed my hands, took the paper towel and left.

Yet many blokes didn’t. Male toilets are never the most sanitary of places, and all these drunk blokes (I’m actually not a big drinker, and was driving tonight anyway, so didn’t have anything) therefore went to the toilet, took a pee, and left without washing their hands.

How marvellous it is that this ‘service’ in the toilet, means that dirty, urine-soaked, unwashed hands are all over a club; touching glasses; touching other people; touching themselves. The nightclubs need to show a little responsibility, rather than simply pricing people out of hygiene.

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