Does anyone remember Danny Lerusso?

OK it’s Friday afternoon, so I refuse to write anything about Money. In MoneySaving towers we’ve been discussing the Karate Kid series of films. Obviously 1 is a classic and then they rocket down. However the crucial part of the discussion revolves around the move ‘The Crane’, the iconic kick done by Daniel-san, under the tutelage of the almost mythical Mr. Miyagi.

So there’s Daniel on one leg, on the stone, hands in the air, other leg in the air half-cocked. So the question is ‘what exactly is the crane?’ My thesis is that it involves being able to kick an opponent in the face, using the foot that’s on the floor, then land it back on the floor without ever being able to put the other foot down. Wax-on, wax-off, wax-lyrical.