Screw Isn’t A Naughty Word

Do you think screw is a naughty word? I’ve just come off air on BBC London, having had a knackering day doing ITV lunchtime news, a couple of other interviews, whilst trying to write three articles. It’s 6.30pm, and I’ve got a good 5 hours more work to go today.

Anyway back to the point. During Beeb London I was at full ‘screw them before they screw you’ mode and was asked to mind my language because children are listening. Now for me screw isn’t a naughty word, screw and screw driver, tightening the bolt. The sexual connotation came later based on the word screw.

Anyway after the presenter said “our editors said please don’t say that again” which to be honest I laughed at, I then decided to say “suck our cash from our pockets” which in some ways is even more of a double-entendre.

Now (and I can say this as I know my grandma doesn’t read it, and would tell me off if she did) if I used the word(s) I would really love to use, fair enough. Let’s just say that the “Forget Loyalty” chapter in the Money Diet wasn’t its original title. Nuff said.