It’s my birthday. Sadly I’m feeling old! To celebrate (commiserate) the MoneySaving team from the office and I went for a quick lunch nearby. Walking back through the shopping centre we were accosted, by someone trying to get us all to sign up for a credit card.

In the past in that location we’ve had a fee free Barclaycard for a year, and the Citibank Platinum with 1% cashback. Both top cards in their category. This time it was the ‘Monument’ card, a piece of pathetic perverse plastic with a 20% interest rate and 0% for only five months.

Now obviously, the MoneySaving team were the wrong people to ask to sign up to it, short shift would’ve been generous. What worries me though is that there were as many people there to sign up as the other two cards, yet this one is awful. Why do people assume that a stall makes it a better card? If they knew the person signing up gets roughly £30 for every 6 completed applications they’d realise why the hard sell was pushed on them.