Day Horribilis!

Didn’t have a good day today. The site crashed due to server problems. Five minutes after I was due on the Vanessa Feltz show on BBC London radio (on the phone). I was talking about thrift and ‘went off on one’ – having a go at the fact thrift should be secondary to being a sassy consumer. I was especially harsh on a Times journalist who’d written a piece on it. Unfortunately I’d misread the piece – she was telling people to be a sniper through their credit cards and I read it as snipper.

Thinking it was yet another ‘cut up your credit card’ piece of nonsense (it doesn’t help you – locking them away does, cancelling them does, shifting the interest does, cutting up your credit cards is nonsensical) I got in a fierce row -and realised later how it’d been me misreading.

Not fun. I feel guilty. When you make mistakes in my job – unfortunately thousands hear!