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My column at the News of the World

IMPORTANT update, 3pm 7 July 2011

Since writing last night, I’ve watched further news and slept (or not slept) on this, plus taken on board the overwhelming volume and tone of your responses. I’ve spoken with the paper’s editor this morning and asked that instead of running my column (filed last week) I have some space to write something of my feelings on what’s happened and the fact that it mustn’t be allowed to happen again – to which he’s agreed.

I’ve also decided to take some time to think this through calmly and listen to the facts as they develop – while I do so I won’t be writing for the paper.

Update Note 4:50pm 7 July

I’ve just read a statement from News International that the News of the World will print its last edition on Sunday see – staggering. Obviously that may well change the fact that I was going to write a piece about the nasty events and impact on journalism. Yet I’ve not be able to get through to anyone there yet.

Original Blog:

My column at News of the World

Like everyone else I was sickened when I read of the accusations of the voicemail issue with Milly Dowler, the most recent punch in the whole nasty episode of hacking that went on at the News of the World. It is of course a long way from my own journalism, was long before I joined the paper in 2008 and I know only what I’ve seen on the news.  Yet I do have a page in the paper, and a number of people have asked me what I’ll do, so here are my rough thoughts.

Let me be straight from the start, if these things were happening right now – as opposed to back in 2002 – and the paper was arguing it’s done nothing wrong I would’ve stopped my column already.  As it is, my column for this week was filed last week before this broke. Today I called and spoke to Colin Myler, the paper’s current Editor, made my point strongly and was assured (again) the paper now is a different beast to a few years ago.

I’m torn and have been wrestling with myself over this for a couple of days due to the association. While I strongly believe it’s important this type of irresponsible, morally bankrupt behaviour that gives my industry a bad name is both punished and stamped out, that needs to be balanced against my campaigning passion for educating people about their money, and helping as many people as possible.

If I pulled from the paper now, it wouldn’t stop the hideous past, nor would it stymie the investigations and punishments due to those involved. It would just mean News of the World readers got less information about money.

I need to plainly say the News of the World has been brilliant for that, not just because of its enormous reach but as it opens doors to politicians, putting its resources into supporting fights even when they go against advertisers’ interests.  It’s given me an incredible vehicle to reach many people on important issues like PPI campaigning, financial education in schools, consumer rights, payday loans, campaigning for fairer energy bills, tax credits and more – and most importantly it reaches people that this website and my other work doesn’t over those crucial issues.

I’ve had many offers of columns in other papers, so jumping ship wouldn’t be difficult – but the News of the World is the only paper that has a money page up the front. It’s been a long slog to push the profile of money journalism in a paper many wouldn’t think was its traditional home – and they let me write my stories with little interference (ie, just changing my appalling spelling, grammar and space issues).

From listening to Alastair Campbell on Newsnight last night, it seems this wasn’t solely a News of the World issue – though it appears it was the worst of the bunch –  it’s a tabloid journalism (or possibly even just journalism) issue. I doubt it will be long until the focus broadens.  

It’s one of the reasons I hope there will be a full independent enquiry on top of the police investigation into all the papers who did this, to give us better definition over what rights to privacy we do or don’t have. Therefore if I switched to another tabloid (which is the only place to get the wide reach) then in the long run I’m still in the same boat – frankly the only way to guarantee to avoid this and the individuals involved would be to give up writing for any paper.

While some advertisers can say they’ll “suspend their ads” but will for all likelihood be back within weeks or months once the heat is off, that doesn’t work for me. This is a one off decision. The moral temptation is to make a stand, but I’m not convinced that doing so outweighs the long-term good I can do by continuing to write my column in a paper that is a different iteration of the one that did this, with few of the same personnel (many work elsewhere), and get that hard-to-reach readership.

I’m very angry about what happened on this, like everyone else – I don’t know what other columnists have said, but while it would’ve been much easier to stay silent, I felt I should say something.  

The type of work I do necessitates compromises. I work on TV, radio, have a range of newspaper columns not just the News of the World. By definition I do programmes and write in places when the adverts contain sales pitches for payday lenders, secured loans, or PPI reclaimers that I dislike.  Yet if I didn’t it wouldn’t stop those advertisers, it’d just mean the counter message wouldn’t get across.

  • Anne Selley

    I dont think there WILL be a NOTW in 6 weeks

  • John McCreesh

    Keep writing but give your fee to charity

  • Popsikull Nuwt

    well martin good for you for being honest,i just hope youv’e made the right decision for you.

  • YoYo

    While I have a lot of respect for you and what you do; sorry
    I cannot respect your stance on this. They are all as bad as each other doesn’t
    mean you lend your weight to NOTW. You bring a respect to NOTW. The Guardian or
    the Independent publish daily and given their stance, might seem like a more
    natural home. The Guardian fought to get this out in the open, and I’m sure
    could showcase your campaigns equally as well. Sorry mate, this doesn’t sit too

  • barryedmond

    I can handle that. I think you are wrong having EVER associated yourself with NOTW or The Sun, but as their readers are the most likely to need your assistance (as proved by the fact they’ve parted with their money to buy that paper in the first place) you have to go to the people in order to speak to the people.

    And you and your team do fantastic work in ‘enlightenment’.

    Likewise, I’ve rarely seen you on TV, because you spend the majority of your time on the braindead channels where the viewers are more likely to need your assistance. You can’t be held responsible or accountable or affiliated with these things, you’ve just gone to where the people are.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Will Happen

    Truly weasel words.  Good god man, you’re all over the TV and radio.  I never even knew you had a News of the World column and I sure as hell won’t be reading it online.  Why not do the decent thing, leave Murdoch’s foul media slurry empire and start the money awareness at another outlet (not the Daily Mail obviously because that, as you weaselly omitted, has a strong money section.)  I was expecting better of you.

  • Peter Morrissey

    Grow some.  Resign.

  • Anonymous

    Martin I understand what you have said above. However I feel that the decision you make now is incredibly important to not just the people who read your column in the NOTW. You have many followers who dont read your column, and would appreciate you making a stand in what is unacceptable standards from the NOTW.
    A move to another paper would not be a disaster, and you may be reaching out to new readers and followers, who didnt even know you had a column with the NOTW.
    I hope you think this through further, and make what can only be the right decision.
    Joe Conway

  • Bryan Davison

    I think you’re making the right decision to continue with your column in the News of the World. Withdrawing the column wouldn’t really be anything more than a token gesture, and would just deprive their readers (of which I suspect there will be a lot fewer in the coming weeks) of a useful resource.  Jumping ship wouldn’t help because, as Alastair Campbell said, the other tabloids have probably all been guilty of the same practices – it’s just that NotW was the one that got it’s fingers burned.
    However, I  do think you’re being a little naive if you believe their claims that this sort of thing no longer happens. Tabloid journalists have a long ‘tradition’ of being the lowest of the low (lower even than politicians and estate agents!) when it comes to getting a scoop at any cost. I very much doubt this has changed, or that it ever will. Once this scandal has blown over, it will be back to business as usual.

  • Christina Brown


  • James ‘Dubya’ McGregor


  • Paul Young

    2002,fair enough,but then what about the 7/7 victim’s families..that was three years later…sowhat makes you think for a minute that they had stopped tapping victim’s phones by the time you joined the paper in 2008? You will be judged by the decisions you take now.

  • Anonymous

    We are all really disgusted at some of the recent revelations. However, it was in the past and the paper and most of its employees have moved on. I sympathise with your dichotomy but feel that leaving the paper would not do anyone any favours. Many of those pulling adverts are looking to win public favour but some times less is more. Stay and fight for the betterment of future journalism. It certainly wont make me think less of you or your comments.

  • Martin S Lewis

    Thanks for the suggestion

    It’s be easy for me to make a trite gesture and agree to that, but frankly its meaningless I already give to charity many many times (see what Im paid by the news of the world.  So I could say I was doing that very easily – as there’s no fixed donation amount.

    Yet “I’ll do it but give to charity” would be cop out.  This isn’t about whether I’m paid its about whether I do it or not.  And I have made the decision to carry on as I think in the long run I can do more good staying in the paper than quitting.

  • MSE comments moderator

    Just a note – we only approve comments during the day – we’ve expended this just to the late posting of the blog.  But any remaining comments will be looked at tomorrow

  • Alex Murray

    Well, I believe them when they say it was in the past. We will wait to hear when that past was 2001,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 2010 or 2011. I would be amazed if the phone tapping was not taking place for most if not all of these years. I imagine all the top bosses and owners knew what was happening, not on a story by story basis but on a strategical/tactical level.

    However it is your conscious not mine, a job is a job and there is always something to be said in making hey whilst the sun shines.

  • Tracey Furness

    I am astounded that you are remaining to be linked to NOTW. Very disappointed, I did read The Sun and the NOTW but no longer. Make a stance and leave. Most of all the comments support this action and I think you may damage your reputation if you stay. 

  • Anonymous

    Well I think it’s a shame you feel like that. This is gutter journalism by a trashy newspaper. I thought you were on the side of normal people. Sadly you are sitting on the fence waiting for it to blow over, like it always has. For the hacked, it will never blow over…..

  • Anonymous

    It’s obvious you’ve been working there a while, it’s just turdjournospeak for ‘I’ll act in my own interest and endorse an organisation that hacks into the phones of the families of murdered children”. And to think I had some respect for you. Shame.

  • pete ames

    A tough one, I appreciate that Martin has a self appointed, and very honourable, duty to get sound financial education and advice to those in the most need and that many readers of the News of The World paper fall into this category. 

    However this position would be undermined slightly, though not completely, if his choice to stay has financial benefits for him (i.e. he gets paid by them). Unfortunately in this world actions often have good and bad consequences but in the long run I can’t see the slight damage done to the NOTW by his resigning the column would be sufficient to damage the financial wellbeing of its readers, many of whom will probably stick with it throughout this crisis of integrity.

  • Joel Naden

    You can’t defend continuing to write for (promote the sale of) the News of The World when we should all be doing what we can to finish it off. I haven’t bought the foul publication for 2 decades, precisely because we have always known that their methods and morals were beneath contempt. The publication should be allowed to die a death, the readers will move on to another, then you can write for them.
    By the way, I’m a huge fan of your work and will follow your advice whatever decision you make as I know that it will be for the best reasons, whether we all aggree with you or not. Keep it up.

  • Robert Wright

    Martin: don’t be dumb enough to fall for the NOWT strategy by endorsing the line “it’s all in the past, nothing to do with the paper as it is now”. The paper is part of the Murdoch empire. Murdoch is YOUR paymaster. And Murdoch’s empire, with Murdoch’s approval, has done everything possible to suppress the truth of what has happened. Your work, and MSE, is too valuable to be tarnished. Or do you rate your reputation so poorly as to carry on with an Editor previously sacked for derailing an entire court case. . ?

  • Geoff Westgarth

    Your conscience should tell you you don’t belong there. Set an example. Every LSE student would expect you to. So do i.

  • Anonymous

    i think you should carry on – the paper is, and in my view will continue to be read by people that need your help – stopping your column feels like making a point that will not change the past

  • Andrew Ian Woodcock

    Good on Ford, Mitsibushi, The Co-operative Group, Vauxhall, Lloyds Banking Group and Virgin Holidays for standing by decent principles.

  • angela

    Some things are more important than money martin!!

  • Alex

    To reiterate my comment on your Facebook wall -

    I respect what you do and I’ve read your piece.
    Notwithstanding your justifications. and the channel the NoTW gives you
    to do good and needed work the bottom line is you are working for the
    woman who oversaw these actions. Who (my
    guess is knowingly) allowed journalism to be dragged deeply through the
    mud. Really, you simply cannot continue to work for her and retain your
    self-respect. Go Martin – the sooner the better – and wait until this
    open sore of a News Group is purged.

  • Margaret Fleming

    Obviously the  £ is worth more then your principals and morals. Will turn off radio/tv whenever I hear or see you again. You are a coward.

  • Anonymous

    In your shoes I don’t think my conscience would allow me to take their pay. The News of the World is a tainted brand and anyone who works for them is also tainted by association.

  • dixie2013

    Oh Martin, what a cop-out, you wrote at length the reason for staying with the NOTW, but, Martin lead by example, this paper was always a gossip rag, you could do a whole lot better, by staying with the NOTW you are supporting them, grow a set of balls and resign

  • Sarah Dayski

    As Peter said…grow a pair…stop thinking about your pocket and join the rest of us and stand up to this evil scummy paper.

  • John Till

    Sorry Martin, but don’t like your double standards here. Rebbekah Brooks was at the helm of the NOW back in 2002 when this was going on and is still running News International in the UK. By continuing in her indirect employment then by default you are endorsing her. Shame on you

  • Beth Greene

    You do yourself and
    readers disfavour by taking “it was before my time stance.”
    it suggests it’s all in the past and no hacking takes place today. I
    approciate you won’t abandon a newspaper that subsides your income
    but please accept the public are not as naïve as assumed.

  • The Wyre Forest Agenda

    I didn’t know you had a
    column in the News of the World, but I have subscribed to your email list ages ago.  I read and get help from your emails on money
    matters.  However, you sticking with the
    NOTW after the Milly Dowler allegations is making my feel sick and I will promptly
    cancel my subscription.  Please consider
    leaving the NOTW, no organisation that has allegedly hacked a 13-year old dead
    girl’s messages deserves allies.

  • Rod Marsh

    lets hope so

  • Tom

    Poor decision Martin, people never forget. Like the others, did not know you had a NOTW column as like the S*n, I never buy it, but think of those poor families that have been trodden over in the good name of investigative journalism. Walk man.

  • James Yule

    The Troops may have changed but the Chiefs are still in place. It is profoundly immoral and wrong to give any support to Murdoch and his discerdited empire. Martin show leadership and vote with your feet.

  • Jonathan Mcfc Billings

    I find it disgusting that you refuse to distance yourself from the NOTW. Drop your page with them asap, your losing respect.

  • Lynn Smith

    Resign. They need you as you make them appear respectable but you dont need their fee.  I didnt know you had a NOTW colulm and anyone who wants your excellent advice can easily find it elsewhere.  If you continue to associate with them it could harm your reputation.   People trust you because you are sensible, logical and NICE!!

  • Anonymous

    Martin, the way I see it is this – whatever you choose to do will not stop gutter journalism from doing as they damn well please. At least your column is there to help people, something that the NOTW really doesn’t care about.  The awful thing is, when this dies down it wont be long before they are exposed for something else equally as squallid.  Does the current government have the backbone to take power away from Murdoch?  Therein lies the question.

  • helen rogers

    Quote ‘moral temptation is to make a stand’  moral temptation is defined as a choice between right and wrong

    Quote ‘doing so outweighs the longterm good’  continued association may well cause you to loose credibility and respect

    the tabloids are not called the gutter press for nothing

  • Mrs Willbery

    What a load of rubbish. Find your spine and resign. 
    You can’t take a moral high ground here Lewis – what they did was wrong. 
    You are supporting them. 

  • Paul W


    You often suggest people vote with their wallets to the action of companies.  I am sure other forums would welcome the millions who visit this, use and CONTRIBUTE to this site.  Do you recommend that people who think you are wrong to stay working for NOTW also leave your site?

  • Jenny Harper

    and of course it has nothing to do with your pay packet …… do yourself and your credibility a favour and resign …… saying that with this statement your credibility has gone!

  • Ed MadDog Brereton

     just trying to save your job, resign, stop talking for the scum with these papers.

  • James Mulvale

    Anyone who quits the NoW because they wouldn’t want their reputation muddied wouldn’t have any trouble getting a job in another paper, unless they were guilty of the same.

  • Phil Grimes

    Not good enough. You command a lot of respect from a lot of people, and you are flushing it down the pan. You can do the right thing for the right reason – resign on principle. Or you can do it for the wrong reason – getting off the sinking ship as fast as possible. Either way you should walk out that door.

  • Ed MadDog Brereton

    stop trying to save your job, resign now. your working for monsters you fool,

  • Alan Gleave

    I appreciate your many crusades on financial issues via all media groups but sadly the News of the World boat is badly holed and you may well be in danger of sinking with it. Martin carry on the good work but think again about your decision you have the contacts within the media to promote your campaigns in many other fields , Oh and be careful YOUR phone maybe Hacked too!!

  • Carol Doran – it just gets worse and worse.  I don’t buy your argument at all I am afraid.  You must know how important reputation is – why on earth tarnish your own by continuing to feature in a newspaper with a reputation that’s in the gutter?

  • DJE

    You have no pride in yourself Resign

  • Sue Newman

    I am of the opinion that the NOTW is not the only newspaper involved so if you were to ‘jump ship’ as soon as the revelations are coming to light and prior to any further investigations, you may find that you have ‘jumped’ to a paper that is just as culpable. Companies pull adverts as they do not wish to be associated with bad press, you act in an advisory capacity which is totally different. So my advice would be to hold fire a while until a more informed view can be attained.

  • Pat Bone

    I had more respect for you . Very disappointed and the thing is , No-one will buy the NOTW anyhow . 

  • Anonymous

    I would rethink if I were you. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing

  • Abigail Kinsella

    If no one buys TNOW from now on your reach ain’t gonna be as big as you think it is! You’re not doing yourself any favours trying to rationalise this> Sorry!

  • the indigo squid

    Sorry Martin, I really do disagree and have unsubscribed from your email for the time being. 

  • Mark Rosenthal

    The problem is that it is well known the editorial control that Murdoch exerts over his paper. That hasn’t changed. And Brooks is still in charge of News International.

  • stuart shepherd

    That’s a total cop out. It’s for the greater good. They’ve changed. They would hardly admit they where still the same. Everybody may be at it, but only NOTW are the ones being investigated, you could quite easily go to another paper and reach as many people.

  • James Randolph

    Interesting exercise in cognitive dissonance. I think for now your reasoning just about holds, but it will be interesting to see if you revisit this decision in the weeks ahead as further revelations seem inevitable. Is there a line on the sand you won’t be able to stomach the NoTW crossing?

  • Danny Gazzi

    How do you know the NoW is any different now? Because they have said so?  Is not as if they have ever been found to tell a lie, is it?
    If you don’t resign your column, I shall unsubscribe to your weekly emails. I’m sure that many others will also.
    As someone has said below, you would easily find another paper to write for anyway.

  • Danny Gazzi

    How do you know the NoW is any different now? Because they have said so?  Is not as if they have ever been found to tell a lie, is it?
    If you don’t resign your column, I shall unsubscribe to your weekly emails. I’m sure that many others will also.
    As someone has said below, you would easily find another paper to write for anyway.

  • Anonymous

    For goodness sake man, read the comments on this and your facebook page! See how many people have clicked ‘like’ on all those who think you are being spineless. Suck it up, admit you’re wrong and resign.

  • Anonymous

    For goodness sake man, read the comments on this and your facebook page! See how many people have clicked ‘like’ on all those who think you are being spineless. Suck it up, admit you’re wrong and resign.

  • Claire James

    Martin, leave.  Being associated with this paper is damaging to your reputation.  It’s not going on now you say? Really?  You know that do you? What planet are you on?

  • Claire James

    Martin, leave.  Being associated with this paper is damaging to your reputation.  It’s not going on now you say? Really?  You know that do you? What planet are you on?

  • Claire James

    Martin, leave.  Being associated with this paper is damaging to your reputation.  It’s not going on now you say? Really?  You know that do you? What planet are you on?

  • Karim Rkaina

    Disgusted. do the decent thing and resign. Martin, your good name is tainted by this association. Do you need the money that badly?

  • donovan132

    The fact that you use your column to send traffic here and earn HUGE amounts of money from it are the real and honest reason you are staying.
    A spineless, unprincipled weasel and people will not forget, especially this mealy mouthed ‘explanation’, yet it’s exactly what most of us would expect from you.

  • James Rigby

    By staying, you are effectively saying “I, Martin Lewis, don’t mind my name being associated with a newspaper that says it supports our troops in public, but tries to get juicy news snipets by spying on the families of soldiers killed in combat.  I, Martin Lewis, will not be making a principled stand against a newspaper that publicly campaigns against child murder, whilst at the same time eavesdropping on the most sensitive messages to bereaved familes.  I, Martin Lewis, have no principles and am therefore in the right place with my column in the news of the world”.   You really want to say that? Because that is what your actions say to millions.  If you have other offers, take them – be a man, not a mouse.

  • Hazie_Fantasie

    Martin, Please leave..

  • Kate Clark

    A weak and shocking response, Martin. No self-respecting journalist should have ANYTHING to do with being paid by Murdoch. You are bright enough to know damn well what Murdoch has and still stands for and that there are many other ways you would get your message to the people. Indeed, if the readership of NOTW continues to slide, there will be no-one left to read your column! This is not a compromise, it’s a slap in the face for all of us who have registered with and benefited from your brilliant site. I’m seriously disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    I somehow think that the number of people your journalism will reach via the news of the world will reduce drastically.  I sense a massive boycott of the paper and people buying other news papers and never returning.

    Martin, if you want to reach a wide audience, you may have to move anyway,   Use your “buying power” to get a paper to move their finance to the front half of their publication – having you move will probably have a lot of readers follow you – use that as your bargaining power.

    Staying with the NotW will discredit you.  Moving will enhance your status.

  • Karen Chilvers

    Follow Dave Gorman’s example Martin.  Seriously. you don’t need NOTW:

  • Sallyann Buckley

    Martin, please do not be bullied by the responses following a “moral panic”…If you think you can “make a difference” then stay, then if not, it really is time to jump ship! Who knows, the decision might be taken out of your hands in a short space of time if the public has iit’s way…wonder what the lifespan of this “rag” is??

  • Bruce Waite

    Heard you on Radio 5Live this morning, and I appreciate your dilemma – feeling you will let down lots of ordinary folk if you simply resign. Please think again. Just read some of the comments below, Martin. You will be forever associated with a discredited and disreputable publication owned by one of the most immoral human beings on planet Earth. Think about it again, then resign. I have always held you in high regard, up to now. If you are still writing for that shameful rag in a couple of days time I will have no choice but to see you as supporting Rupert Murdoch, whether by intention or not. Think, man, think!!!!! What’s your reputation worth? How many of your readers who you say you have concerns for will respect you? If they are still reading you in the News Of The World it means they are still buying the paper. What does that say about them? RESIGN, end of.

  • Steven McCloy

    You have many other outlets to reach those whop dont use the website…. resign!

  • Gary Sleith

    I see Dave Gorman’s quit. I think the Notw have seriously offended decency – and day by day snippet by snippet its getting worse. I don’t see how you could stay – As you stated yourself it’ll not be hard to move to another paper. Do the decent thing

  • Sara Williams

    Huge mistake, Martin.

    Stand up for what is right.

  • Duncan Miller

    Clearly the thought of your own bank balance suffering has helped you make such a brave decision….

  • jane wragg

    I agree with many on here and that the choice to stay with the scum paper would be the wrong one. My decision to stop buying it came as soon as I heard what they were involved in. I understand the thought process of staying to educate people but there comes a time when you have to decide whether you agree to the papers standards and the recent events show the paper as no standards.
    The choice is yours regardless but you should be true to yourself not a job!!!

  • Asobi Toys

    You don’t have to make a decision, the decision has been made for you. The paper is going to close. Shame you could not make the right decision before!

  • Gareth Kennett

    Looks like you’re now out of the job… James Murdoch: Last edition of News of the World this Sunday

  • Bruce Waite

    Well, Barry, I can’t and by the vast majority of comments on here you are in a tiny minority. Like Martin, perhaps you should think again. Your comment about the people most likely to need Martin’s financial advice listening to braindead channels is both patronising and deeply ignorant.

  • Ayesha Swift

    I’m glad you’ve partially reconsidered but I really think you should go the whole hog and resign. By not doing so, you’re condoning what they’ve done and every minute you stay in their employment, you’re damaging your MSE reputation, why do you think so many retailers are pulling their ads? Because they don’t want association with them. Jump properly NOW because the longer you stay, the more respect you’re losing. I understand you want to reach the tabloid demographic (and perhaps you can’t afford to give up the gig?) but you’ve fought to gain the respect you have and it’ll be quickly lost if you stay with them.

  • George Cathcart

    Looks like your decision has been taken out of your hands…

  • Anonymous

    A moot point now -

  • Shane

    Martin, I agree that other newspapers are not perfect, but the NOTW is the worst, the biggest and there is hard evidence that they have done really terrible things. And I don’t see why you should trust Colin Myler that everything is different now – in Aug ’09 he told the PCC that reports of widespread phone hacking at the NOTW were “wholly false”. I understand that you have to make compromises, but you also have to have limits.

  • Gary Sleith

    Well the decisions been taken out of your hands with the NOTW closing. I think when there is a clear right and wrong you shouldn’t dither….

  • Ian R McAllister

    So this will be your last column Martin, thanks to James Murdoch:

    Good bye the News of the World!

  • MacPsych

    Martin, thanks for sharing your thinking on this. It’s more than many other writers would do. However, as I think you can sense from the comments, your readers would encourage you to leave now. There are other, more reputable options out there. Avoid New International and any form of tabloid. 

  • Ryan King

    It was Tracey Chapman who said “All that you have is your soul” and if your soul remains intact and your moral fiber still feels strong – go for it and continue writing for them – however I think that by even making this post you are obviously faced with a moral dilemma and one you feel the need to express to your fans – this self questioning alone should be enough for you to know that continuing to write for NOTW is not a good move and one that will affect your strong and well respected brand and advice – just have a listen to Tracey then decide…

  • Kym

    NOTW is closing now, last issue out on Sunday.

  • Paula Furniss

    Decision made for you, good riddance NOTW

  • Sallyann Buckley

    Sooner than predicted, but nevertheless common sense has prevailed! Let’s hope The Sun follow suit for the sake of 96 specific individuals…My fear is though, that this is will now pave the way for a SUNday edition :-( Let’s hope not!

  • Susan Banister

    I think if you don’t take the moral high ground now you will regret it.You may say it is endemic through all the papers (remember Alistair Campbell is friends with News International Executives so he may have a reason to spread the blame and say it is a tabloid journalism issue). By choosing to stay as one of their journalists, you are likely to lose the respect of a lot of people including in your own industry. There is no greater good in relation to this.Your reputation is on the line here now.

  • Anonymous

    HA! Well the decision has been made for you and everyone will forever remember you for being so spineless. And what a load of rubbish your post about writing what you feel about the situation. You complete and utter weak spineless man. I hope this makes you realise that morality is more important than money and your career takes a massive slump. Karma.

  • ann

    Ohhhh Martin you left it to late to resign .. now we ll never know whether you would have had the balls to do it!!!!

  • helen rogers

    it seems that even Murdoch has realised that  the NOTW could never recover its reputation and is closing it, it is a shame that you didnt listen to ‘moral temptation’ and do the right thing, by staying associated it is akin to condoning the behaviour when you should have been condemming it

    you are a public figure and respected we all expected more of you

    people in the UK do not forgive some things easily, hacking of a murdered childs phone, hacking of dead soilders widows phones there are no depths scum  like this would not sink to.

  • ann

    Whoops, bad move Martin. You should have jumped and then we d have known you have morals!!

  • helen rogers

    interesting that they had already registered the sun on sunday website address on tuesday……………

  • Andy Ward

    You have been given an easy exit now that the NOTW has been shut down. You have helped many thousands of people (me included) with your financial advice but your radar was horribly awry regarding this. Millions of people are disgusted at the hacking of the phones of a murdered schoolgirl, terror victims and dead armed forces relatives – yet you vacillate over whether to continue your assocation with the organisation responsible. I hope that the overwhelming majority of comments on this blog have helped you to understand how people feel about companies and individuals who did not sever links with NI immediately.

  • The Dorset Knob

    Watch out for Martin’s all new column in the Sun On Sunday coming to a newsagent near you soon.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve just listened to what you said on 5 Live earlier today via the iplayer. I quote “It’s not at NotW issue it’s a tabloid issue.” Well until evidence is found against other newspapers that they were/are doing the same thing then it IS a NotW issue. You also said that there was no way it was going to be the death of the NotW, well that’s proven to be incorrect. You say that it only happened between 2002-2005 but how do you know that? The straight answer is that you don’t and the fact that you decided to stay with a tarnished newspaper will unfortunately tarnish your reputation as well.But by Murdoch making the decision to close the newspaper, making scapegoats of many innocent employees of his while keeping the guilty ones, the decision has been taken out of your hands.

    I do think you’re a decent honest man Martin but on this issue you really have been made to look weak.

  • Margot Pizzey

    You, Martin, chose to write a column for the Screws of the World.    This rag – which contaminates the cat’s litter tray with its filth – has now closed.

    But will the Teflon Princess take the can?   Just what has she got on Murdoch, that he hasn’t made her his sacrificial lamb?   And when will the Sun go?  

    You’ve been tainted by association, Martin – I’m not going to be able to read any of your comments for a long time without thinking “NoW – shudder”.

    Evil thrives when good men do nothing.

  • Craig Bell

    Sorry Martin, but I have lost all respect in you, and what you believe in. You made a decision about your loyalty to NOTW when you intially wrote your blog entry last night – and now that you have received a negative response from a sizeable cross section of your readers, you have decided to change your stance.

    As you well know as a  journalist, the written word sticks – and people won’t forget this. I’m sorry to say that you have now linked yourself to the shameful behaviour of your employer, all based on the stance you took last night. You had the oppourtunity to rightfully distance yourself but you took the wrong path.

    This will be the last time I use MSE, and I WILL inform my social network about your ‘opinion’ on this whole matter…

  • Anonymous

    What luck Martin…the paper’s folded, so now you can tell us you were always going to quit after all. I believe you started out as a genuine person, trying to help people and looking for avenues to spread your hints and tips…but somewhere along the way, you had your head turned by the media exposure…you were seduced by the glamour…the excitement…and the great fillip you got from pursuing the banks – the big bad banks provided an easy soft target for you, because we all hated them for their unfair charges – and they weren’t paying you,to write for them, were they.
    Now, a big bad wolf has loomed into view – if the reports are right, I would argue the NOTW journos committed far worse acts than applying charges to bank accounts. Hacking in to the mobile phone of a murdered girl, if it has happened, is probably the worst act of “journalism” I have ever heard of…and trying to access phones of dead soldiers’ families is abhorrent beyond belief. Where was your big moral stance then, Martin? Where was the fire and anger you stoked up to challenge the banks?
    Basically, nowhere. You rolled over with empty words…and disappointed – it would appear – the majority of the 5 million plus who receive your weekly email.
    I am entitled to my opinion – and my opinion is that you are a disgrace. Put the brakes on Martin…forget the giddy rounds of media appearance on ITV, BBC radio and all…you talk about “rate tarts” – stop being a media tart for a while, and you might be able to reconnect with the genuine guy who wanted to make a difference for people…

  • mathew hermon

    absolute loser disgusted 

  • Guest

    I’m disgusted with most of the comments here.

    Martin’s position was that he was going to learn more of the facts and think about the situation before acting – what any sensible, intelligent person would do.

    Many of the comments here remind me of lynching mobs in the wild west and how many innocent people were lynched!

  • Rachel Harvey

    Time to get off the fence Martin. In this case you should ditch all association with the group, not just with NOTW. If Alistair Campbell is correct and this is more widespread then ONLY a massive backlash against every single occurrence of this appalling and sickening behaviour will make it clear to those involved that it is totally unacceptable.

  • Beth Greene

    Everyone with foresight
    sispected editorial management and Murdoch himself were fully aware
    of illegal activities and probably ordered it. I believe you weren’t
    involved, nor were many others. But you your journalistic logic
    would’ve alerted you in some way yet you remained. Either you are
    naïve or valued your column above principle. Shame on you Martin.

  • Paul W

    He didn’t and he didn’t