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Archive for July, 2005

Spitting Teeth

Now there’s something you have to understand. The website isn’t just my baby, I sort of feel linked to it. Today after doing Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show on mobile phones, the traffic was huge and the site crashed.

Yet it didn’t just crashed, it got damaged and it’s been down all afternoon on one of the busiest possible days. For me this is dreadfully frustrating, lots of new people wanted to save money for the first time, are getting nothing, thinking the site doesn’t exist. And the problem is very few will come back.

I left Money Saving towers this afternoon both because there’s nothing I can do, and because I’d kicked the kick box so many times, and sat in the corner making grrrrrrrr noises. Very very very annoying. As I write the site is still down, it makes me want to despair!

Making fart noises is very very funny!

I’ve just had to record some fart noises (made with my mouth). I can’t yet tell you why… all will be revealed in a week. Yet I have to say, if you’re ever in a bad mood there’s nothing like having to make farty noises in an office to make everyone just sit there and laugh!!!!!

Listen to the Farty noises

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Gutted due to bad spelling

Not fair. I just got asked onto my first ‘celeb’ type programme. My agent called up and asked me about doing BBC1’s ‘Star Spell’. Yet I am abysmal at spelling, truly apaling, and I would embarrass myself tremendously. So I had to say no. Gutted. (Why couldn’t it be a numbers one? Or even a spelling numbers one – e.g. spell 109, that I could do?)

(PS., we were discussing the spelling of diarrhoea afterwards. Did you know diarrhoea is hereditary? …… it runs in the jeans)

Andrea’s note: PS., when I proofread this for Martin I had to correct 4 spelling errors but I’ve left “apaling” as I think this may have been deliberate!

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Gazing at her navel for a living

TV is a strange business. ITV news came round to my house this morning to interview me on Child Trust Funds. As I’ve recently moved in, I’m a little short on movable seating (big sofa yes, spare chairs not yet). This meant that while they asked me to sit, the producer had to stand.

Now when you do a TV interview, eyeline is very important. If I looked at her face I’d be craning my neck and look bizarre. So instead you have to look at the right height. In this case we agreed it was a point on her stomach. So if you watch the interview today and see me animatedly talking, you’ll know secretly I wasn’t talking to a face but to a belly!

Chaos Theory in Easyjet Seating

In the naive world of pub drinking this weekend the conversation turned to ‘how to get a good seat on Easyjet?’. Now of course famously the airliner doesn’t allocate seats, so it’s a rush and grab job.

The analysis done resembled chaos theory and The Prisoner’s dilemma intertwined. Yet by the virtue of blogging, I thought I would give you my own theory. Obviously the best solution is to be on first and get the long leg room seats at the front. Yet due to the ‘children and people with mobility issues’ first policy, this is tough to do (though I did once make friends with a guy who had a walking stick and got him to save me a seat in the front!).

So my theory, unless the flight is obviously crammed to the rafters, is hang back. Don’t get in the queue but wait to the end. As everyone knows, if you can’t get long leg-room the next best thing is an empty seat by your side. By hanging back you can spot the empty seats, safe in the knowledge that no-one else is going to rush in and take them.

The last two times I’ve travelled my ‘hang back till last’ strategy has produced an aisle seat, with an empty middle seat and someone in the window. On Easyjet that’s positively first class!

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